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Situated in the bustling heart of Columbus, Ohio, Celeste Cleaning Company is dedicated to maintaining pristine work environments. As a leading commercial cleaning service, we understand that a clean workspace is more than just about appearances—it’s about crafting a healthy, productive, and welcoming atmosphere where your business can flourish.

“We switched to Celeste Cleaning Company last month and could not be happier.

I wish we had done it sooner and can’t believe the difference. The team is incredibly professional and our spaces look better than ever before. I appreciate the efficiency and attention to detail. I will be highly recommending this team to anyone with a space in need of reliable service. Huge bonus that they also handle repair work for us!”

Melissa Blackburn, Co-owner of Haven Collective in Columbus, Ohio

Our Commitment: Impeccably Clean, Every Time

Our mission at Celeste Cleaning Company is to ensure that every corner of your workspace reflects the professionalism and dedication you pour into your business. Whether you manage a compact office or a sprawling corporate facility in Columbus, our bespoke cleaning solutions are designed to cater to your specific requirements. Employing the latest cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products, we deliver exceptional results that help your business stand out.

Wiping down desks in a commercial office space

Tailored Services for Columbus Businesses

How much time do you or your tenants spend in your space? Here’s a rundown of what services are available to keep it clean.

Commercial Office Cleaning

Feeling embarrassed when clients come in? Or are you that person rushing through the office picking up as much trash right before a visitor comes in? We all know that a dusty and dirty space can poorly reflect a business. Let’s get your office space sparkling and help send the perfect message to your customers and clients.

General Minor Maintenance

From painting the lobby to assembling shelves and fixing a squeaky cabinet door, we’re here to keep your space in tip-top shape. We offer regular monthly maintenance time or can schedule one-time sessions. These can include everything from minor carpet cleaning, hanging whiteboards, and clearing exteriors of debris or cobwebs.

Deep & Turn Cleanings

Move-in/out or deep cleanings are the perfect solutions to prepare your space for a tenant or yourself. Have you been in your space for a while and just noticed that thick layer of dust on the shelves? Let us take a deep dive and get your space looking like new – from base-boards to ceiling fans.

Residential Cleanings

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Lobby Rundown

The lobby area is the first thing any visitor sees and sets the tone of the space. We make sure that there are no handprints on doors, cobwebs, and even critter “leftovers”.

Office Cleanings

Depending on your space or tenants, we also offer individual office cleaning that includes taking out the trash, windows, door disinfectant, vacuuming and more.

Conference or Board Rooms

Meetings shouldn’t include you running into the room trying to wipe down tables and whiteboards right before everyone else arrives. We’ll ensure your space is clean and tidy for all the important events.

Break Room Cleaning

Food, coffee, and co-workers make for a fun space – the cleaning, not so much. Let us take out the trash, clean the countertops, and erase the fingerprints from the fridge.

Coworking Spaces

A coworking space should be clean and clear of left over gunk, trash, or crumbs from the previous day. Let us handle the cleanup after.


A restroom can tell a lot about how much care the business puts into the space. Let’s make sure it’s disinfected and clean when your employees and visitors arrive.

Ready to Clean your Commercial Space?

Wiping down desks in a commercial office space

About Celeste Cleaning Company

Entrepreneurship and dreaming big is in our blood.

That’s why we understand your business is not only necessary, it’s your lifeline. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps hustling after the kids have gone to bed – so why not have it sparkle and shine?
We’re a minority family-owned and operated commercial cleaning company helping business owners look their best in Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

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